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Happy to see you here! I am Anna-Lena the creator of La Fiera Illustration. La fiera means “wild beast” in Spanish. I chose that artist name because my art work has a sense of ferociousness in the way I use colour and shapes and I grew up in the Black Forest, Germany. Nature played a big part in my life as it was both beautiful and lonely growing up in the woods. Drawing gave me an escape to create the world that I wanted to live in and to express myself when words weren’t enough.

I love doodling abstract designs and patterns that have a sense of exploration and curiosity. My day job is working with people who suffer from mental health problems as support worker and my interest in psychology shapes my drawing process. Expressing myself visually gives me the opportunity to process my emotions and I have a great sense of freedom when I can just squiggle over a piece of paper.

Living in big cities such as London, Edinburgh and now Glasgow I grew an interest in street art with its popping colours and would like to expand my art to murals in the future.

Art to me means courage, adventure and wonder and I hope you enjoy my illustrations.

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